3 Reasons Not To Be Afraid Of Shimmer Eyeshadow

One of the most common makeup tips you will see for women with aging eyes is to avoid shimmer. Every time I hear or see this tip I want to say, "no way!" Shimmer is good for all ages, especially when it is used appropriately. 

1 - Shimmer Matters

Shimmer attracts light, which means it can direct attention to important features of the face.

This means if you apply a shimmery texture on your cheekbones, this vital feature will stand out.

When you are using your  FLEKK eyeshadow palette, you'll notice that the #2 color has shimmer. This is because the eyelids NEED shimmer. It is essential that the area closest to your eyes are enhanced with something that attracts light and draws attention to your eyes.

Without this shimmer, the eyes can look dull and lack dimension.

2 - Shimmer is Only Used Sparingly

One of the reasons shimmer gets a bad reputation is because it will look bad if you use it everywhere.

In fact, I only apply it on the cheekbones, eyelids, and a few other key areas that I want to enhance around the face (brow bones, inner well of the eye, bridge of the nose).

For everyday purposes, I use shimmer only on the eyelids. I'll add it to my cheekbones for special occasions or pictures.

One of my favorite insider celebrity makeup tricks is to apply an extra layer of shimmer down the center of your eyelids if you are getting your picture taken. This makes the eyes really POP!

3 - Shimmer is Not Glitter

Now, in case you're still scared - shimmer is NOT glitter.

There are several wonderful textures of eye shadow that provide these brightening, light reflective qualities that I am talking about. And, they do not contain any glitter.

FLEKK is one of them. It's flattering on the eye and very natural.

If you like glitter, that is great!

I love utilizing glitter on occasion. It is a fun way to add an extra pop to the eyes!

However, I don't always think it flatters aging eyes because the larger flecks in glitter can sit in the lines around the eyes, drawing attention to the problems you want to hide. This doesn't happen with shimmer.


I promise shimmer will add so much life and dimension to your eyes!

And, contrary to what many people assume, shimmer does NOT enhance wrinkles.

Remember that your wrinkles are most visible when your eyes are closed and no one really sees this when they look at you - so take the opportunity to brighten and truly enhance your eyes!

3 Reasons why every woman should wear shimmer eyeshadow–no matter their age! How to wear shimmer eye shadow for women of all ages. #eyeshadowtips #shimmer #makeuptips #eyemakeup #howtowearshimmer
3 Reasons why all women should wear shimmer eyeshadow–no matter their age. Shimmer eyeshadow works for all women of all ages. #shimmer #eyeshadowtips #makeuptips #shimmereyeshadow #flekkcosmetics #eyemakeup

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