April 08, 2019

Women tend to analyze their face close up - inches from a mirror. The rest of the world sees us from a few feet away. When this happens, they tend to see the problem features, while the rest of us see what is most striking. 

During an in depth analysis of your eyes, it is common for women to notice fine lines, wrinkles, sagging eyes, etc. Some will even say that one eye looks different than the other! Can you believe this??

The Most Common Reasons For Differences in Your Eyes

Usually most people are not born with two different eyes, although this can happen. Instead, it is more likely that the eyes change over time due to the following circumstances:

  • aging
  • sleeping on one side of the face
  • sun exposure to one side of the face from driving

When one side of the face/eye is more exposed to pressure or sunlight, it can cause the eye shape to change more than than the other side of the face. When this happens, the eyes do not look as symmetrical. In other instances, the eyes age differently causing a lack of symmetry in the face.

Restoring Balance to the Eyes

It's easier than you might think to help the eyes look more the same. I like to paint outside the lines when I am doing makeup. What does this mean? Instead of applying the eye shadow directly where it would usually go, I apply it how I want my eye to look.

If the crease is drooping, then I add the crease color higher to create the illusion of a higher crease. If the lash line is starting to go down, I will draw the line upwards at the eye liner of the eye instead of following it all the way down. Think of this as matching the makeup from the eye you like to the eye you don't like as much.

It will be subtle but effective and it might look a little weird up close because the crease color might be higher than your actual crease, but I promise if you take a step back your eyes will start to look more alike than different. 

Using the Right Product

If you have one eye that is different than the other, I strongly recommend making sure you are using the right palette. When you have the right colors, it is easier to enhance what's good about your eyes and correct what you don't like. Take the Free FLEKK Finder Quiz to find your perfect palette.

And comment if you have any questions!