April 17, 2019

Are you in need of eye concealer tips? You have come to the right place!

I consider eye concealer to be the final finishing touch on great eye makeup. It can make the biggest difference and really enhance your eye look. However, if applied incorrectly it can also look cakey, settle in fine lines, and be difficult to apply. To help you master your eye concealer application, I am sharing the top 5 misconceptions about eye concealer that most women struggle with.

1 - Eye Concealer Should Be Lighter Than Your Foundation

This concept might work well on a photo shoot with lots of professional lighting, but it is not very realistic for real life. When you apply a lighter shade of eye concealer, it creates the following problems:

  • a noticeable difference between your concealer and foundation
  • the concealer tends to go grey because it does not correct discoloration
  • it can actually make you look more tired instead of more awake.

So how what color should your concealer be? My secret is to use a concealer that blends with the skin tone so it's not noticeable when applied. Also look for shades that have peach and orange undertones because they correct discoloration around the eyes.

2 - You Should Apply Eye Concealer Under Your Entire Eye Area

There is NO need to do this because you don't want makeup where you don't need it. I try to apply as little concealer as necessary. In most cases, I concentrate concealer around the inner well of the eye and sometimes apply it on the outer edge of the eye.

Then I leave the rest of the eye free of concealer so you can see the natural shape of the eye.

Too much concealer detracts from the natural shape and beauty of the eye. Too much concealer also sits in the wrinkles of the eye, and can look cakey throughout the day.

It's my personal opinion that a lot of concealer under the eye is not good for the delicate skin under the eye either, so don't overdo it.

3 - The Same Concealer That You Use to Cover a Pimple Can Be Applied Under Your Eyes

Not necessarily.  As a beauty expert, I always tell women that a product is only effective if actually hides the problem. If it enhances the problem or does nothing for it, then it is not working.

For example, concealer sticks can make your under eye area look dry, cakey, and dull. This type of product works wonders on pimples but it is not the best choice for the eye area.

However, a lightweight concealer might be fine for under eyes and they still might cover pimples.

The idea is to make sure you are getting the best possible results for the problem you're trying to solve.

4 - Eye Concealer Can Cover Wrinkles

I wish.I get asked all the time what eye concealer is the best for wrinkles. Sadly, there really isn't an eye concealer for wrinkles.

There are better concealers to use if you don't want eye concealer to sit in the wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes, but the concealer itself is not going to hide your wrinkles.

Eye concealer is designed to correct discoloration around the eye area. Many can also brighten the eye area so you look more awake!

While these are wonderful benefits, they do not address the smoothing and tightening that many seek with their wrinkles. If you are seeking these benefits, I suggest looking for a skincare product.

5 - Eye Concealer Can Minimize Puffiness

Maybe. Whether you have puffiness from allergies, genetics, aging, etc, turning to eye concealer seems like a great option. However, it is important to recognize that it is not a cure. Also, you need to apply the concealer properly.

Eye concealer should NOT be applied on the puffy area of the eye. This only draws attention to the problem. Instead, try applying it underneath the puffiness. This is where you are likely to see a shadow.

I often use an illuminating concealer or brightening concealer. I apply it with a brush and blend the concealer underneath the puffy area. It creates an optical illusion so the eyes do not look as puffy.

I hope you understand a little more about concealing the eye area. This will help you choose the right product and it will enhance the beauty of your eyes when you are wearing your FLEKK palette