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That you should never fall for...

We've all heard them before, the Old Wive's Tales that are passed down from generation to generation as truth, but are more often just misunderstood or superstitious. We're here to set the record straight when it comes to some of the biggest makeup conceptions out there!

"If you shave your face, the hair will grow back thicker."

Not at all! We love small brow and face razors to help get rid of unwanted facial hair. They are an easy to use, painless and a great way to save on waxing and my favorite way to easily and quickly shape my brows.

Shaving your hair doesn't change its thickness, color or rate of growth, so shape with confidence!

"Chocolate will make you break out."

This is an Old Wive's Tale. In fact, there are many chocolates out there that contain antioxidants that are actually GOOD for your body. All the more reason to indulge in some good old chocolate therapy this coming Easter weekend, if you ask me. 😉

"If you pull your eyes while applying eyeliner, it will age your eques quicker."

While we aren't suggesting a full-on war with your eyes, gently flattening the eye promotes better eyeliner application and is unlikely to cause aging to your eyes.
Just be gentle with the delicate skin, and you'll be 'Fine' (see what we did there?).

"Vaseline makes your eyelashes grow."

We've tried the Vaseline technique but prefer Aquaphor. We don't advise it for last growth, unfortunately that's another 'tip' that just isn't effective. Instead, we like to use it to revive the lashes with a bit of moisture. We put it on the tips of the lashes to nourish them, and then wash it off after a few minutes.

"No shimmer after you turn 40."

This is one of the biggest makeup untruths out there, and one that we hear from our customers a lot.  "I'm too old to wear shimmer." And you'd be wrong!

When you skip shimmer altogether, your makeup will lack dimensions. Some shimmer is needed to properly shape your features; it attracts light, which means it can direct attention to important features of the face. 

There are several wonderful textures of eye shadow that provide these brightening, light reflective qualities. Our FLEKK palettes are designed to help you use shimmer correctly, so you can enhance your features at any age.

Ready for a bit of shimmer?

Try our FLEKK Eyeshadow Palette and 4-piece brush set!

FLEKK eye shadow palette features five, high-quality matte and shimmer shadow colors specifically designed to highlight your eye shape, eye color, and skin tone.