5 Things to Resolve to Do With Your Makeup Right Now - (Hint) They Aren't Hard!

We're already a third of the way into January, and 2022 seems to be flying by. During the last week, we've been setting goals for the new year and thinking of ways we can improve. While we were setting some goals, we came up with a few makeup related resolutions that we think everyone can achieve.

1. Resolve to Get Rid of Old Makeup

Did you know makeup goes bad? It's important to get rid of expired products and purchase new ones. When products are expired, they are often filled with unwanted bacteria. You can learn when your makeup expires in this article. If your makeup is old, use the code REPLENISH for 15% off all FLEKK products.

2. Resolve to Wash Your Brushes

We get asked all the time how often you should wash your brushes. We recommend once a week. Sometimes it is hard to be this diligent. If your brushes need a good cleaning, put it on your to do list.

3. Resolve to Take Off Your Makeup at Night

Many women say they have a hard time taking off their makeup at night. They are too tired, its too much work, etc. Sadly, sleeping in your makeup isn't the best for your skin. You can use our Makeup Remover Cloths to quickly remove your makeup at night for healthier skin.

4. Resolve to Try Something New

It's easy to get comfortable with the same makeup look. The New Year is a good time to try something different. If you always wear Flirty, perhaps you want to give Flair a try. If you are typically a light lip girl, maybe try #LOVE LIPSTIKK for a change.

5. Resolve to Spend More Time on Your Makeup

This might be the most difficult resolution - especially because we are all about quick and easy at FLEKK. However, sometimes it is nice to spend time on YOU. A few extra minutes on your makeup is a great way to care for yourself. Plus you might love the results that come from this extra effort.

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