Don't Avoid Contouring! These Tips Will Help You Get The Natural Results You Want!

Before contouring became a big thing, I would "contour" my clients for major red carpet events like the Emmys and Oscars. I used lightweight products to shape their faces and enhance their features. At other times, when I was working on the set (with a lot of light), I might take more time and use heavier creams to shape the face and "contour." The lights would make these creams look more natural in a photo and help the features to really pop.

When you understand the difference between the two settings, it is obvious that you would prefer to use something lightweight for everyday contouring. This is why I designed the QUIKK contour palettes with powder. Since you are using the correct product, I want to ensure you are getting the most out of it with these helpful tips. 

1 - Begin With Minimal Product on Your Brush

For the most natural look, start with a little product on your brush and begin application. Remember, you can always add more. It is much easier to build to the desired look than it is to remove something that is too dark.

2 - Use the Flat Side of the Brush

The brush that comes with the palettes is flat for a reason. It allows you to lay product on your face so you don't move the foundation/tinted moisturizer you have already applied. The bristles are very soft and will allow you to gently glide the product from the front to the back of the face. It will also help you to naturally shade the top and bottom of your face and neck. Try to avoid using the top of the brush when you do this. If you need help, watch this quick clip below:


easy contouring

3 - Don't Make a Fish Face When Applying Your Contour Color

When you make this face, you risk applying the contour/shade too low. It is important to shade right under the brow bone to help the cheekbones pop. If you follow the guide on the contour palettes, you will get the best results.

4 - Apply Blush to the Apples/Cheeks of the Face

Once you have contoured, it is important to add back color to the area that naturally flushes. This is the apples. It's easiest to find this by smiling. Once you do, you will notice the part of the cheeks that pop. Dust color on this area. For more natural color, use Quinlyn. For a brighter color, use Quincy.

5 - Add Some Highlighter to Pop the Cheekbones

Highlighters are some of the best options to help enhance the cheekbones and  brighten the face. They are very lightweight, and they can look very natural if you just dust a little on your face. Some women are hesitant to use this type of product as they age. If you are worried, you can always blend the shimmer into your makeup with your fingers after you apply it with your brush. 

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"I bought my palettes hoping that I would get a more natural look. It was the best investment ever! It was so easy to put on, took literally 5 minutes, and I get so many compliments!!"

Keri Irwin