February 18, 2019

I get asked a lot for eye makeup tips on blending. If you know how to blend your eye makeup, then the hope is that it will look AMAZING! The good news is, FLEKK's eyeshadow palettes and brush sets are specifically designed to create a soft, blended eye look simply by following the step-by-step application guide.

However, these additional tips can help you perfect your eye shadow.

Where to Blend

The most important places to blend are around the lash line and in the crease area.

If your eyeliner or eye shadow looks too harsh it can emphasize fine lines around the eyes. It can also draw attention to the makeup instead of your eyes.

The same thing can happen in the crease area.

One of the best insider tips I learned was to stop using a windshield wiper motion along the crease and instead lightly blend the area. This results in a softer, less obvious shadow. But it is still extremely effective at enhancing the eyes.

How to Blend

How do you create this softness??

My first tip for success is to stop worrying about perfection. Instead, focus on a balanced, soft makeup look.

Stand back from the mirror and evaluate your eyes. Do they look balanced? Does one side have more color than the other? Are the lines too harsh? These will help you evaluate how to improve your makeup and what can be blended.

Next, start with a little. You can always layer. When I'm in a hurry, I do a quick layer. When I want a more dramatic night look, I might do a few layers.

Blending works best with soft strokes, so make sure you are hurting your eyes while you blend! Ha!

I like to use back and forth and up and down motions to soften the shadow.

Finally, start in one area and move to the next. I usually start on the outer part of the eye and blend inwards. 

Watch This Video for Help

Now when it comes to blending, I can write out all the tips I have, but I think visual aids are much better.

So I created a simple video you can watch to see how I blend my shadow every day.


I say this a lot because I am a firm believer in it. PRACTICE makes PERFECT. The best thing about being a non-makeup-artist is you only need to master your own eyes!!

Have fun practicing on yourself and you'll be amazed how quickly you master your own makeup!!!