April 08, 2019

If there's one non-makeup product that can help your eyeshadow look better, it's eye cream.  Eye cream is like water for the eyes.  Consistently using it helps the eyes look youthful, and it also combats the signs of aging.


Choosing the Right Product

In my years of experience working with celebrities, models, and everyday women, I have found that different eye creams work better for different women. 

  • Thicker creams tend to be best for dry eyes
  • Lightweight gels work best for people with oily eyes
  • Natural products can be beneficial for sensitive eyes
  • Anti-aging eye creams are ideal for anti-aging

When and Where to Apply

To get the most benefits out of your eye cream, make sure you apply it correctly. 

The dots around the eye in the picture above will help you understand where to apply the cream. Most people place their eye cream too close to their actual eye. This increases the likelihood of irritability and it can also cause the makeup to slide off the eyes.

Ideally, eye cream should be applied morning and night. However, if your eyes are oily, too much moisture around the eyes can cause makeup to slide off. In this scenario, applying eye cream at night should be sufficient.

Let me know if you have questions!