April 08, 2019

If you are like most people, you apply your eye makeup last after foundation, concealer, blush, and lipsticks.

One of my best makeup tips is to reverse this process and begin with eye makeup. Let me tell you why!

Wipe Away Problems

When you start with your eye makeup it is easy to wipe away fallout or mistakes. If you finish with eye makeup, there is a good chance you'll be trying to keep your hand extra steady so you don't get any fallout on your perfect foundation.

Isn't that a pain??

And guess what - It's totally unnecessary because you do not need to worry so much.

In many instances, I will wipe multiple times below the eyes to ensure they look polished. This is particularly common with certain eye shapes where eye shadow can transfer easily during the application process.

And guess what - I LOVE the reassurance that I can wipe away something that could go wrong. It allows me to focus on getting the eye shadow right, not avoiding fallout.

Even better - I LOVE knowing I won't be wiping away foundation because I have not applied that yet.

How to Wipe It Away

Now there are a lot of options for wiping away excess eye shadow, including q-tips, makeup remover, makeup wipes, etc.

You are free to use what is best for your eyes because everyone is different and certain things work best for different people.

However, in my experience, makeup wipes are often the easiest. I prefer ones that are oil free and alcohol free because they are the most gentle around the eye area.

If you want to use a makeup remover, I recommend one that is oil free. An oil based makeup remover might make your makeup smudge during the day, and we don't want that!

For those who love finding new products, one of my favorite insider tips is to use illuminating creams as a makeup eraser. I personally love illuminating BB creams under the eyes because they remove excess product, smooth the eye area, and brighten all at the same time.

It's Logical

I'm guessing that an artist would work on the center or focal point of their painting first. This way they won't mess up their masterpiece with their hands as they add more detail.

This is how you should approach makeup. Doing the eyes or focal point last makes it so much more challenging because you have to be so careful not to mess up the work you have already completed around your face.

Faster Application Process

Along with being logical, doing your eye makeup first makes makeup application faster.

If you can believe it, I once began each makeup application with foundation first. If I messed up the eyes, it added an average of 5 minutes to the application time because I had to redo things like eye concealer and foundation.

I finally realized it was a waste of my time, and I switched the order of my application process.

Try doing your eye makeup first and comment below to let me know what you think.