Have You Tried This 2023 Makeup Trend?

Do you want to brighten up your makeup for the spring and summer? We've got an easy makeup hack you can try using your FLEKK QUIKK Tutorial Palettes.

Coordinate Your Blush and Eyeshadow

Sounds complicated, right? Not really. It's actually quite simply. You can achieve this harmonious makeup look by simply dusting your blush and highlight color on top of your eyeshadow. 

Watch this video to see how:



QUIKK Transformation

We love how quickly this transforms your makeup look. It takes less than 60 seconds and it can really make your eyes pop. Check out the before and after below:

makeup before and after

To get the most out of this look, try one of our brighter blushes like Queen, Quay, or Quincy.


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"I bought my palettes hoping that I would get a more natural look. It was the best investment ever! It was so easy to put on, took literally 5 minutes, and I get so many compliments!!"

Keri Irwin