How to Be a #QUIKKChangeArtist With FLEKK's QUIKK Tutorial Palettes

At FLEKK, we love making products that are quick and easy to use. Our Tutorial Palettes help you achieve amazing makeup looks when you follow the step by step guide. This is why we think everyone can be a QUIKK Change Artist.

What's a QUIKK Change Artist?

  • A QUIKK Change Artist applies their makeup with a FLEKK palette to create a quick change that looks amazing.
  • A QUIKK Change Artist is beautiful and loves feeling confident with makeup.
  • A QUIKK Change Artist can be any age and any skill level. All you need is a desire to try. You have the guide to help you.

We hope our palettes give you the confidence to be your own makeup artist everyday at home, in your own bathroom. If you need help, watch these tutorials below.

Jaidyn's QUIKK Eyeshadow Tutorial


Jaidyn is using the Flirty palette in this video.


Madi's QUIKK Contour Tutorial


Madi Is using the Queen palette in this video.


We'd love to see your QUIKK Changes! Tag us on social media and use the hashtag #QUIKKChangeArtist. 



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"I bought my palettes hoping that I would get a more natural look. It was the best investment ever! It was so easy to put on, took literally 5 minutes, and I get so many compliments!!"

Keri Irwin