How to Do Makeup on Hooded Eyes

Women with hooded eyes often struggle to do makeup on their eyes. If you feel this way, I have some tips to help you. 

1 - Go Darker With Your Eyeshadow

Most women with hooded eyes choose palettes that are too light for their eyes. When they do this, the light eye shadow does not show up behind the hood of their eye. Instead, they need a darker color to add some dimension and definition. 

Palettes like flirty and fabulous are great options if you have lighter skin. If your skin is medium to dark, try fancy, foxy, fierce, or feisty. You will notice an instance change in dimension to your eyes. It may feel a little different, but I promise your eyes will pop more.

2 - Keep Your Eyes Open When You Apply the Crease Color

If you have hooded eyes, it is really helpful to keep your eyes open when you apply the crease color. If you don't do this, the crease color usually gets lost when you open your eyes. When this happens, the color doesn't really make a difference on your eye look. 

When you apply it with your eyes open, you can add it to the area you want to lift your eyes. This helps them to look more open.

3- Layer Your Eyeliner

Hooded eyes benefit from definition at the lashline. You can do this by layering eyeliner. It's easy to apply multiple layers of the number 4 color in your FLEKK palette for more drama. You can also apply it with a wet brush. You will love how this pops your eyes!

4 - Mascara is Your Best Friend

Don't be afraid to apply multiple coats of mascara. Our SILKK mascara can help lengthen your lashes, and it can even cover the hooded area of your eye. This helps keep the focus on your eyes, instead of the area of your eyes that you do not like as much.

5 - Start With a Matte All Over For Longevity

Sometimes, because of the shape of hooded eyes, it is easier for eyeshadow to wear off quicker. You can minimize the likelihood of this happening by using the all over matte to begin your eye shadow application. This all over shadow removes excess oil from the eyelids, so your eyeshadow is more likely to last.

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