How to Get the Latte Makeup Look for Fall

As the leaves start to change color and the air gets crisper, it's time to transition your makeup from summer to fall. This means you'll probably ditch some of your brighter eyeshadows, blushes, and lipsticks, in favor of richer more neutral colors. One of the most popular makeup trends for 2023 is the latte makeup look. This look involves a very neutral, brown color palette and it is actually quite pretty.


Flawless Skin

Because the colors of the latte makeup look are very neutral, it's important to make sure your skin looks flawless. This way the colors of the look will really pop and accentuate your features.


Use Shimmer Sparingly

The latte look is more matte, less shimmer. We used the following products for the eyes and cheeks:

Fine Matte QUIKK Tutorial Palette


Tip: Dust the contour color on the eyelids to warm up the look and enhance the "latte" affect. 

Defined Brows & Lucious Lips

Because of this neutral makeup look, we wanted to make sure that all of other features of the face really popped. We took time to define the brows and made them look really brushed up and fluffy. We also applied a shiny lip gloss so that the lips would look healthy and full. 

If you are excited about fall and looking for a change with your makeup, the latte makeup look might be for you. Try switching out your FLEKK products. Neutral brown eyeshadow can really make your eyes pop, and it is a great choice for fall!

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"I bought my palettes hoping that I would get a more natural look. It was the best investment ever! It was so easy to put on, took literally 5 minutes, and I get so many compliments!!"

Keri Irwin