Not Sure What Foundation to Use? Here's 5 Tips to Help You Find the Right One

One of the biggest challenges with makeup is finding the right foundation for your skin. There are a lot of best-selling foundations that might be great, but it's important to ask yourself, "is it right for me?" Why? Everyone's skin is different and we all have different needs with foundation. 

Choosing the right foundation is also extremely important, because if your skin looks good, all the makeup you apply on it will look much better. When we sell you a contour palette or an eyeshadow palette, we know that it's a great product and it will give you good results. But we also know, that the product will look amazing when you apply it on a polished complexion.

Remember, an artist would never want to paint on top of a dirty canvas. The same concept applies with makeup. To help you find the right foundation and achieve a flawless face, we've got some helpful tips for you.

1 - Foundation Needs to Cover

It is extremely important that the foundation you choose covers the imperfections of your face. It should neutralize discoloration so your skin tone looks more even.

Please don't confuse coverage with weight. Some very lightweight products provide amazing coverage. 

2 - Foundation Needs to Stay

Good foundations stay throughout the day. If you look in the mirror after an hour and feel like you didn't apply any foundation, then you might want to choose something different. Also, sometimes, foundation doesn't stay because your skin isn't balanced. If it is too dry, try moisturizing. If it is oily, try a toner. 

3 - Foundation Should Suit Your Lifestyle

Keep in mind, different lifestyles influence the type of foundation you might choose. If you are outside all day, it is unlikely you will choose a full coverage foundation. If you have very little time to get ready, you will need something easy to apply. 

4 - Foundation Needs to Work With Your Skin Type

Foundation is made in different textures and with different ingredients. An oil free foundation with a satin/matte finish tends to be better for someone with oily/combination skin. If your skin is really dry, this type of foundation will emphasize the dryness of your skin and make it look dull. Instead, it is helpful to choose something more hydrating and/or illuminating.

5 - Foundation Needs to Be the Right Color

Finally, make sure to choose the right color of foundation. In general, anything that looks yellow or orange is too dark. Anything that looks too gray is too light. Foundation that blends into the skin and looks natural is often the right color. Try testing the color from the cheek to jawbone. Test 3 colors at first - the color you think you are, one color lighter, and one color darker. 

Hopefully these tips will help you find your favorite foundation so your FLEKK products will truly shine.

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