Pink Eyeshadow Tips for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is the perfect time of year to wear pink eyeshadow. A lot of people love pink, but are not sure how to wear pink eyeshadow on their eyes. Fortunately, we have 2 beautiful pink eyeshadow tutorial palettes that walk you through the eyeshadow application so you can master this look! Watch this video for tips or read more.


While pink eyeshadow can be more challenging of a color to wear on the eyes, most people can master it with a little experimenting. The trick is to determine how much or how little is right for your eyes. It's also important to choose the right tone of pink. 

Choosing the Right Palette

We have 2 pink eyeshadow palettes - Fabulous and Flair. We like Fabulous if you cooler toned skin and Flair if you have warmer toned skin. Fabulous also looks very good on blondes and darker brunettes. Flair looks really good on red heads and warmer brunettes. 

If you have a lot of yellow in your skin, sometimes, pink doesn't look that great on your eyes. You might want to try Flirty or Feisty instead. These are great alternatives to pink, and they are similar in style.

If Pink Looks Harsh Try This

Sometimes too much pink on your eyes can look a little harsh. It doesn't always blend well with a lot of people's skin tone. If this is the case, try mixing a darker color in the outer corner to tone down the color. This will balance it out and create a beautiful look on your eyes. You'll be surprised how much it changes the pink color.

For More Pop With Your Pink

If pink really pops your eyes, try applying it with a wet brush. This will enhance the shimmer in the shadow and showcase the color better. It also helps to apply the pink color over a shimmer shadow versus a matte shadow. 


Hopefully these tips help you so you look amazing on Valentine's Day!

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