February 19, 2019

Are you tired of eye shadow fallout? Try our easy eye makeup tips for better eye makeup application.

1 - Use Good Brushes

First tip for success is to use good brushes.

Also, use the right brush for the right area you are working on.

If you start to notice more fallout with your eye shadow, try washing your brushes. They might be dirty.

2 - Don’t Over Saturate Your Brush

When you have good eye shadow, you don’t need a lot of it on your brush. With the FLEKK eyeshadows, one swipe and you’ll have plenty to apply to your eye.

It’s important to remember you can always add more to your brush and eyes. Adding too much on your brush initially increases the likelihood of fallout.

Tap off excess shadow on your brush to prevent fallout. THIS IS A GAME CHANGER AND SOMETHING ALL SEASONED MAKEUP ARTISTS DO! I tap off excess shadow by pressing the brush on the back of my hand, but I've seen artists tap their brush handles on the edge of a counter or with their fingers.

3 - Try Dampening Your Brush

Dampening your brush with water is one of my favorite tricks for effective eye shadow application. It helps the shadow stick to the brush and glide on easier.

I like to do this with the eyelid and eyeliner colors.


**If you still have fallout with your eye shadow, do not worry!!

Here are my two secret weapons for wiping away fallout quickly:

  1. A powder brush: to dust it away
  2. A wipe: for wiping away larger fallouts

Remember, the more you practice, the less fallout you will have. And all you have to do to practice is apply your makeup regularly. SO EASY, right???