These Mascara Tips Will Make You Fall in LOVE With Your Lashes!

Great lashes are a combination of two things - the right mascara and good application. This is why we love our SILKK Mascara. We spent a year developing it - fine tuning it so the formula, brush, etc was just right. Now we want to teach you some tips to apply your mascara so you LOVE your lashes everyday.

Wiggle the Wand at the Roots

One of the best ways to get volume and length with your lashes is to take the wand and wiggle it at the root of your lashes. The helps build volume and it separates the lashes nicely. It also really defines that lashline.

Switch Eyes Between Coats

Another trick to build volume and length is to switch eyes between coats. It's harder to coat mascara that is wet. Instead, add a coat and move onto the next eye. Then come back to the other eye when it's dry. You will build the volume easier this way and avoid a lot of unnecessary clumping.

Use the Point of the Wand

The point of the want is a great secret weapon for coating mascara. It can help you coat the bottom lashes nicely, and it is a great tool for adding length to the tip of your top lashes. Try it the next time your are coating your mascara.

Use a Mascara Wand to Perfect Your Lashes

If you like the look of separated, feathery lashes, then a mascara wand/spoolie might be your go-to tool. You can use this after applying your mascara to fan out the lashes and perfect them. 

Apply a First Coat and a Final Coat

Many people apply mascara when they are all done with their makeup. We like to apply eye makeup first (including mascara). Then, we apply face makeup, our QUIKK contour, and LIPSTIKK. After we are done, we apply a final coat of mascara. While the first coat looks great, the final coat really knocks the look out of the park. And it only takes about 15 seconds for the added effect. Try it.

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"I bought my palettes hoping that I would get a more natural look. It was the best investment ever! It was so easy to put on, took literally 5 minutes, and I get so many compliments!!"

Keri Irwin