April 08, 2019

We designed the FLEKK eyeshadow palette to be quick and easy to use. Simply follow the steps on your eye shadow palette to quickly shape your eyes for a perfect everyday makeup look! 

The video below shows Lindsey demonstrating her entire end-to-end eyeshadow application process–follow along to see just how quick and easy gorgeous eyes can be.



Try these Insider Tips to get the best results:

  • The #1 eye shadow with shimmer is designed for a quick and bright makeup look. When short on time, wear this color alone and all over.
  • The #1 eye shadow without shimmer works as a base shadow and should be worn underneath #2, #3 and #4 eye shadows. The matte texture promotes longevity. 
  • For a longwearing, easy application, dampen the brush with water to apply eye shadow #2.
  • Keep the eye open when applying eye shadow #3 to the crease. This identifies the part of the eye that needs enhancing and/or lifting.
  • Apply #4 eye shadow at the lash line, adding more on top and less on bottom. A dampened brush deepens the pigment and provides a more dramatic look.


We promise, Looking Pretty Has Never Been Easier!