Why We Don't Focus on Eye Color to Enhance Your Eyes

Have you ever wondered why we don't focus much on eye color when we are enhancing the eyes with our palettes? We get asked a lot - "what palette is best for blue eyes?" or "I have hazel eyes, which palette should I get?" Our answer is usually something like this - "Can you send us a picture so we can see your eye shape?"

We Want Your Features to Pop - Not the Makeup

One of the main reasons we do not focus on eye color is because we want your features to pop, not the makeup. If we get too caught up in what accentuates green eyes, you might end up with a purple eyeshadow that is too bright and/or strong. It's important that your makeup doesn't overpower what you want to enhance. 

Using Tones and Textures

For this reason, we like to focus on making the eyes stand out with the right tones and textures. Matte textures are corrective. They neutralize discoloration in the eyes and help add shape. Shimmer textures can help brighten and open up areas of the eyes. They are particularly helpful at directing light to the eye area. 

In addition darker tones can add dimension and definition to the eye area. This is why it is so helpful to use a darker color around the lash line. A lighter color can visually push areas of the eye forward if needed.

Proper Shape Enhances the Eye Color

When you use the right tones and texture on your eyes, your eye color will pop naturally. When people look at your eyes, they will be visually balanced and there won't be other things competing for attention. This helps your natural beauty to shine.  We get a lot of clients saying how much their eyes pop from this technique versus choosing colors specifically designed for eye color. 

If you want the best palette for your eye shape that will also help your eye color pop, make sure to take the FLEKK Finder Quiz. You can also send your selfie to contact@flekkcosmetics.com


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"I bought my palettes hoping that I would get a more natural look. It was the best investment ever! It was so easy to put on, took literally 5 minutes, and I get so many compliments!!"

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