Why You Can't Master the Cat Eye - And Some Tips for Success

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is how to do the cat eye. It's so beautiful when done correctly, but can look awkward and out of place on your eyes when done wrong. So what is the secret behind a successful cat eye?!

Flekk Flawless Palette Cat Eye (Before + After)

1 - The Line Blends With the Lash line 

A good cat eye blends in with the lash line. If it stands out too much, people see that cat eye coming for miles, and it becomes a look that is not wearable for everyday. How do you make it blend it?

First, you match the wing with the outer lashes. Think of the wing of the cat eye as an extra lash when your eyes are open. This is the ideal way to open up your eyes and make them look larger. When you apply the line in this manner, it also gives you the perfect guide for the angle of your line.

Next, it's hard for the cat eye to blend in with your look without a good amount of mascara. This is why I tend to use brown liquid liner on most people. It's less harsh. If I use black, I like adding lashes because they balance out the boldness of the line.

2 - A Precise Line

One of the main reasons the cat eye is more challenging is because it requires a precise line. 

Obviously the more you practice, the easier it will be to apply the cat eye. However, if you apply the line AFTER you applying mascara, it is usually much easier to get a precise line. Mascara on the lashes acts as a shelf for your line and gives you the leverage you need to draw a really nice line.

Another tip for a great line is to try small strokes rather than one large one. I find that when I use a "connect the dot" method, and connect little lines along the lash line, my line looks much better.

3 - The Ideal Wing

The ideal wing is not too thick and not too thin, helping to extend your eyes and add that drama to your eye look. How do you achieve this? First, you need an eyeliner that works for you - not against you!

I love felt tip liners because they glide the best. Make sure to find one where the ink flows freely, otherwise you'll constantly be frustrated. Also, it's helpful to store them in a cup with the lid down to promote good ink flow. I promise you'll thank me for this helpful tip!

Finally, don't be afraid to use pointed q-tips and makeup remover (oil free removers works better for this) to perfect the wing if you can't get it perfect.

What If I'm Still Not Finding Success?

The cat eye takes practice and patience. It is not a look you are probably going to master in a day if you are used to wearing no eyeliner. It's also looks better when you wear this look with eyeshadow, so if you are trying it alone, check out one of our palettes and you might notice a huge difference.

However, there are cases where your eyes simply look better without this type of eyeliner. The cateye is sometimes a hard look to pull off with aging eyes, hooded eyes, and some deepset eyes. This is because the wing doesn't sit nicely on your eye shape.

If you are feeling this way. Do not worry! Remember that certain styles of clothing look best on certain people and this is the same with makeup. It doesn't mean that your eyes are not beautiful!

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