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The Best 3 Eyeliner Options For Celebrity Eyes (Besides Powder!)

If you use the FLEKK eyeshadow palette and brush set, then you already know how incredible and easy powder eyeliner is to use. However, there are other great eyeliner options out there. And, believe it or not, I actually use some of them! Read on for my top 3 eyeliner recommendations to get celebrity eyes at home.

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3 Reasons Your Eyes Look Different And How to Fix It

During an in depth analysis of your eyes, it is common for women to notice fine lines, wrinkles, sagging eyes, etc. Some will even say that one eye looks different than the other! Can you believe this?? Click through for insider eye makeup tips to restore balance to your eyes.

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Eyes Or Foundation First? It's Not What You Think...

If you are like most people, you apply your eye makeup last after foundation, concealer, blush, and lipsticks. One of my best makeup tips is to reverse this process and begin with eye makeup. Read on to see how you can shave off time–and gain confidence–by doing your eye makeup first!

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