How To Create An Amazing Holiday Makeup Look With Makeup You Already Own

Does the idea of dressing up overwhelm you a little bit? All of the sudden it’s Thanksgiving, a work party, Christmas festivities, and more, all requiring a little pizzazz compared to your normal day-to-day wardrobe and makeup routine.

Don’t worry. We have some easy tips to help you create an amazing makeup look with the makeup you already have.

Deepen the Pigment of Your Shimmer Shadows

Do you want your shimmer shadows to stand out a little more? It’s easy to do this by dampening your brush with water. This works especially well when applying color to the eyelid. It will brighten the shadow and enhance the pigment. You can also layer the shadow of these colors to intensify the pigment.

PRO TIP: For a bit of added drama, try using a palette or eyeshadow that's a bit darker than your everyday look. If you wear Flirty, Fine or Flawless on a regular basis, our Fancy and Foxy palettes can help bring that extra bit of drama to your holiday look.

Use Your #4 Liner in the Outer Corner

The FLEKK eyeshadow palettes contain a darker eyeliner color. You can use this color as a fourth eyeshadow in the outside corner for a more dramatic eyeshadow look. Take the flat side of the brush and blend the color in the outer of corner of the eyes, layering until you achieve the pigment you desire.

Create a Cat Eye With Your Liquid Liner

Another fun option for a holiday look is to trade out your traditional black liner for a winged liner. Cat eyes look amazing at holiday events and are an easy way to take your makeup up a notch. Not sure who to master this look? We’ve got you covered.

  • Apply your mascara first so you have leverage.
  • Create the the wing first, using your lashes as a guide for the shape.
  • Use makeup remover and a flat concealer brush or a Qtip to perfect the shape of your wing.
  • Layer a few coats of mascara to perfect this look so the liner and mascara look cohesive.

Highlight Your Cheekbones

A little extra glow is ideal around the holidays. Make sure to dust some shimmer on your cheekbones so they stand out. If you have our QUIKK Contour palette, the highlighter is perfect for this.

PRO TIP: If you really want your cheekbones to shine, dab some moisturizer on your cheekbones right before you dust the shimmer. This will give you an added glow.

Create the Perfect Pout

If you are looking for the perfect pout, try this fun tip: mix your blush with some chapstick. It’s sure to be a good color on you and there’s a good chance you have some chapstick lying around. We also LOVE red lipstick (#LOVE) during the holidays!

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I love the colors, the brushes and the easy steps. Takes 5 minutes to do my makeup every day! I bought a set for my daughter, too.

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