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Are you lost when it comes to figuring out how to use all the colors in your eyeshadow palettes?

What if you could easily achieve a natural, radiant look that makes your eyes ✨ POP ✨ - and only takes 4 simple steps?


The Flekk Eye Shadow Palette and Brush Set!

Flekk Cosmetic Palettes and Brushes in Gold Case
  • Get the simplicity of easy eye makeup application
  • Master the art of shaping your eyes
  • Achieve a polished celebrity look with step-by-step instructions and coordinating brushes
Flekk Palette open with 5 eye shadows and helpful guide

“ I recently received the palette and brush set. I sent in a selfie and found out which color palette was best for me. The colors really bring out my hazel green eyes and make them pop. I am obsessed with the brushes. They are high-quality and make the eyeshadow go on so smoothly.” 

- Melissa

Get your own FLEKK eyeshadow palette and 4-piece brush set now!

The beauty of celebrity makeup made simple
The beauty of celebrity makeup made simple.

The FLEKK Eye Shadow Palette + Brush Set was created by professional celebrity makeup artist Lindsey Bouffard who spent 8 years doing celebrity makeup for red carpet events like the Oscars, the Golden Globes and New York Fashion Week.

After moving from L.A. to Arizona, Lindsey left her high profile career to become a Mom. Transitioning from celebrity make-up to Mom life was a humbling experience. Lindsey realized that many women are intimidated to step into name brand cosmetic stores only to leave with a bag of expensive products that they have no clue how to use - let alone use together!

On top of that, there was not a single palette that provided an effective, all-in-one solution for daily eye makeup application!

Lindsey focused on creating a product that would work everyday, for all women.

Lindsey, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of Flekk Cosmetics
Lindsey, founder of Flekk Cosmetics applies eyeshadow to @Merricksart
Before & After Flekk Cosmetics Eye Palette with @merricksart
Designed with YOU in mind!
Designed with YOU in mind!

Are you Fancy? Flirty? Foxy? Fine? Flawless?

Each FLEKK eye shadow palette features 5, high-quality shadow colours specially designed to highlight your eye colour, shape and skin tone.

Don’t waste time guessing what shadow colours and tones will work best for you.

With the FLEKK Finder, you’ll receive a personalize palette recommendation in less than 60 seconds!

Click on the button below to take the free quiz!

At FLEKK, we believe that applying make-up is an art form that can be mastered with:

✔️ Easy instruction

✔️ Correct tools

✔️ High-quality products

With a step-by-step application guide, you can master eye-shadow application - in your OWN BATHROOM!

Flekk Palette open with 5 eye shadows and helpful guide

“Ok, so I’m really wondering why no one has thought of this before! I’m kind of an eyeshadow dummy and rarely wear it because I don’t know how. (Even though I’ve spent oodles on expensive palettes). I find myself wearing this one almost every day cause it’s so easy, and it lasts forever. And I keep getting compliments! 🙌🏻 Big fan.”

- Bonnie

From shimmer to matte, each of the high-quality eye shadows in the palette has a purpose. You’ll discover how to highlight, contour and line using a quick and easy 5-step process.

BONUS: Each of the 4 brushes has a number that coordinates with the eye shadows in the palette making application easy and foolproof!

The brush set comes in a sophisticated gold pouch sized for everyday storage and travel.

Flekk Cosmetics set of professional brushes in a gold carrying case.
Flekk Palette open with 5 eye shadows and helpful guide

“I absolutely love the palette and it’s taught me so much about how to do my eye make-up. The brushes are numbered to tell you which one to use for each color, and they work great for applying the shadow. It’s so simple and gives me the natural look I’ve been wanting. The palette also has SO much eye shadow. I’ve been using it every day for 2 months now and it looks like I’ve barely used any of the colors. It’s going to last a long time! Thanks Lindsey and FLEKK, for your great customer service!”

- Kylie

Model applies Flekk Cosmetics eye shadow with the professional brush setFlekk Cosmetics' palettes are all varied and look beautiful on every skin tone! Friends holding Flekk Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette

Take the guesswork out of your makeup application and get your palette now!

No need to be intimidated by makeup ever again.
No need to be intimidated by makeup ever again!

There is an alternative to spending hundreds of dollars at big name beauty supply chains with no clue how to use the expensive products you were convinced to buy.

There is no need to get overwhelmed with complicated makeup styles that may or may not look good on your skin tone, eye shape or colour.

The FLEKK Eye Shadow Palette will simplify your makeup application routine, so you can feel beautiful and trust that your look will last all day long!

Flekk Palette open with 5 eye shadows and helpful guide

“I’m obsessed with this pallet. I love how easily the makeup goes on. The pigment is just right, and the wear is outstanding. I put it on just as the picture shows with every number in the correct spot on my eyelids and it looked so pretty. The numbers made it so much easier to apply along with the brushes. This pallet is my favorite even compared to high end pallets.”

- Rebecca

Become a beauty expert without endless trips to the beauty counter!

There are a variety of commonly used makeup brands out there, but many of these products leave you with lack lustre results.

If you’re ready for:

✔️ An easy to follow application guide

✔️ A high quality makeup look that will last all day

✔️ Brushes created using the finest hair, offering superior application results

✔️ A natural, celebrity-quality makeup look

FLEKK is the palette for you

A perfect application every time!
A perfect application every time.
Flekk Cosmetics Palettes stacked together with the brush set in gold case.
Brush Set Includes:

#1 - all over brush

#2 - eyelid brush

#3 - crease brush

#4 - liner brush

Gold case

Palette Includes:

5 Shadow Colours

Step-by-step application guide

Buy your palette now and let your natural beauty shine through.

Flekk Palette open with 5 eye shadows and helpful guide

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to make up- I wear the same look everyday and have never really worn eyeshadow…until FLEKK! The step by step instructions with the coordinating brushes make it so easy-I can’t help but want to wear eyeshadow every day now! This was also my first experience with powdered eye shadow and I love the softer look it gives. The whole product is really high quality- I’m a huge fan!”

- Ali

Feel beautiful with this easy 4-step palette and brush set. It’s so simple - you’ll be out the door in less than 5 minutes!

Because wearing the right eyeshadow makes all the difference!