How to Buy Makeup for Someone Else - Your Mom, Sister, Friend, Co-Worker, Mother-in-Law, Etc

Makeup is at the top of most people’s wish lists this holiday season, which makes it easy to be a good gift giver. However, some people find it difficult to buy makeup for someone else. “What if she doesn't like what I pick?” is a common worry. We’re here to help you avoid that fear.

Evaluate Her Makeup Style

When you are shopping for makeup for someone else, it’s important to evaluate her makeup style. Here’s some common questions to ask.

  • Is she more natural or dramatic with her makeup?
  • What colors does she wear with her makeup?
  • Does she wear makeup everyday?
  • What is her lifestyle like?

The answers to these questions will help you select the appropriate makeup for her. For example, if she’s more dramatic, then you could select a darker eyeshadow palette that will help her create a smokey eye look.

Her Needs May Be Different Than Your Needs

Next, keep in mind that everyone has different needs when it comes to makeup. This is why we offer our FLEKK Finder quiz. We are big believers that when makeup is best suited for your needs, the results are better.

So if your best friend struggles with oily skin, the illuminating cream you love is probably not the right product for her. She already has built in shine. Instead, consider a product that will help her combat her oil. The same concept applies with foundation.

Want to gift a friend or loved one with a FLEKK eyeshadow palette or QUIKK Contour set? We have a quiz to help you choose the perfect gift.

No Fail Gifts That Work For Everyone

If you don’t know your friend’s makeup needs and you are worried you might get the wrong gift, consider some of these no fail gift ideas. They tend to look good on everyone.

Take Advantage of Personalized Help

Finally, there are many services that will help you shop for the women in your life. At FLEKK, you can send in pictures of the people you are shopping for and we will recommend the products that are best for them. These kinds of services can help you get the right makeup for others during this busy holiday season.

Stuck on which FLEKK item to get your friends? Send us a photo of your friend at and we'll provide you with a personalized recommendation!

And Remember That It Really Is The Thought That Counts...

So try not to stress out too much about getting it perfect. They're going to be thrilled you thought of them, even if the shade or item may not be something they would have chosen from themselves. But if you'd like that extra bit of security, look for companies that offer exchanges or offer a return policy for products if they're not the right fit.

Here at FLEKK we want everyone to LOVE their FLEKK Cosmetics. And if they don't love it, we offer exchanges or returns within 30 days of purchase. And many other beauty companies are starting to offer similar guarantees.

Happy gifting!

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