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Eye Makeup For Busy Women Course
Eye Makeup For Busy Women Course

Eye Makeup For Busy Women Course

Learn everything you need to master your eye makeup, like…

How to achieve, beautiful, natural eye makeup in 5 minutes or less-get out the door sooner!

Tips & Tricks for making your eyes pop.Your eye shape is unique and beautiful, and we’ll show you exactly how to bring out your natural beauty. 

5 Insider brow tips to beautifully frame your eyes, without any expensive trips to the salon. 

The best cosmetics and tools for YOU–and which to avoid. No more wasted money or returns!

How to draw the perfect ‘cat eye’ line and how to get the perfect ‘smokey’ eye.

And much more…

For the first time ever…

I’m bringing my knowledge, favorite techniques and tutorials to YOU. I guarantee this course will be EYE opening. PUN intended :)

Until now, my classes were limited to one-on-one and in-person group sessions. And they always sold out!

In this course, I'm teaching you everything you need to know to master your own eye makeup–no more guessing or expensive (and intimidating!) trips to the cosmetics counter.

I’m sharing my best techniques and trips honed over 10 years of doing celebrity makeup for the red carpet, from my fool-proof method for shaping your brows to how to get the perfect smoky eye (and everything in between!)

Get ‘Celebrity Eyes’ In 5 Minutes Or Less!

You deserve to feel beautiful.
Every day.

Feel confident when you step out the door, knowing you’re putting your best face forward!


“FLEKK Cosmetics is so genius - it’s like a paint-by-numbers for makeup. I get compliments every single time I wear mine and I feel like my eyeshadow has never looked better.”

The bottom Line...

Makeup For Busy Women is my step-by-step course, where I’ll teach you everything you need to know to become your own makeup artist. So you can stop stressing on which colors and shadows to use (and spending money on products and tools that won’t work for you). Start feeling confident in your beauty routine, and get out the door #InNoTimeFlat.

Discover ALL the techniques and tricks I’ve taught to clients all over the US—and become your very own makeup artist.

***Access course lessons and watch the videos from any device!

Module 1: Application Guide

How you apply makeup matters. I’m sharing my fool-proof guide for getting it right–the first time.

Module 2: Perfect Your Brows

Easily shape and groom your eyebrows so they frame your eyes beautifully. Know which tools to use, and when to use them!

Module 3: Master Your Eyeshadow

Everything you need to know to master your eyeshadow. Know which colors and techniques to use to flatter your unique eye shape.

Module 4: Define Your Eyes

In this module you’ll learn how to choose the right products to line your eyes, and insider techniques to define your eyes like the pros.

Module 5: Everything Lashes

Mascara matters. Find out which mascara you SHOULD be using, and learn Lindsey’s top tips for adding drama to your lashes.

PLUS: There's Bonuses

AND You'll be the first to know when new products are released and new content and tutorials added!

And there's more...

Follow-along with Lindsey’s step-by-step tutorials and become your own makeup artist.

Master the Smokey Eye, perfect your ‘cat eye’ liner and learn the techniques that will take your eye makeup from natural to dramatic (and everything in between!

Lindsey’s sharing her favorite trade secrets, including the affordable eye products and tools that she uses everyday (even on her celebrity clients!). Download her extensive product guide and take it with you when shopping. No more wasted time and money at the makeup counters.

Looking (and feeling!) pretty has never been easier.

Learn how to do your eye makeup like a celebrity - and be out the door in 5 minutes or less!


“I have movie star eyes now!”

Meet FLEKK Cosmetics Founder & Teacher

Lindsey Bouffard

FLEKK Cosmetics was founded by professional makeup artist, Lindsey Bouffard, after 10 years spent doing celebrity makeup for red carpet events like the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and New York Fashion Week.

After moving from L.A. to Arizona, Lindsey left her high-profile career to become a Mom.

She quickly realized that many women are intimidated to step into name brand cosmetic stores only to leave with a bag of expensive products they have no clue how to use–let alone use together!

On top of that, there was not a single eyeshadow palette that provided an all-in-one solution for daily makeup application!

Lindsey worked to create a product that would work everyday, for all women. And so, FLEKK Cosmetics was born.

After 10 years of doing celebrity makeup for red carpet events and New York Fashion Week, Lindsey is sharing her secret insider makeup tips and techniques with you!

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